February 29th 2024



Customisable Appointment Rescheduling Parameters

We've just introduced a new feature that allows you to define what constitutes an appointment reschedule according to your own needs!

This update is designed to offer greater flexibility and better accuracy in appointment and reschedule reporting.

How to Access

Navigate to Settings -> General Settings -> Calendar to find the new rescheduling options.

Options Include:

  1. Reschedule based on date change: Identify an appointment as rescheduled only if it's moved to another day.

  2. Reschedule based on any time change: Consider an appointment rescheduled if there's any change in the appointment time, regardless of the day.

  3. Reschedule based on a particular time change:

    • More than 1-hour difference.

    • More than 2-hour difference.

  4. Reschedule based on location change: An appointment is marked as rescheduled if there's a change in the location.

  5. Reschedule based on practitioner change: Recognise an appointment as rescheduled if a different practitioner is assigned.

Why have we added this?

This update was implemented to allow users to have more control over how appointment reschedules are defined and reported within their account. By providing the ability to set custom parameters for what constitutes a rescheduled appointment, our goal is to ensure that your reporting is as accurate and reflective of your operations as possible. Whether minor time adjustments or changes in practitioner, you now have the flexibility to decide how these variations affect your overall performance metrics.

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