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May 24th 2024

We have added a new integration to PracticeHub that will automatically 2-way sync your patients in PracticeHub to your contacts in ClinicConvert. This will allow you to use your PracticeHub data and Clinic Convert together to create automated communication sequences for recalls, retention and patient onboarding.

Clinic Convert is an All-in-One Chiropractic CRM, offering Patient Communication and Marketing automation that enables you to maximise every patient opportunity.

  • All patient messages in one place

  • Automated & fast lead follow-up for your enquiries & Facebook Ads

  • Pre-written chiropractic newsletters, landing pages and reactivation campaigns

  • Patient journey automations

  • Built-in AI to manage Google Reviews

Visit Clinic Convert here, check out our help centre article here & to connect your account head to Settings -> Integrations.

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May 16th 2024

We’ve introduced a couple of new settings which will give you far more control over patients self-service reschedules.

Reschedule Interval Limit - This is great for keeping patients to their rough schedule by preventing them from self-rescheduling an appointment too far from its original date.

Maximum Amendment Notice Period - Great for preventing amendments to a schedule way into the future. For example, if you want to prevent patients from moving appointments which are over 1 month away, but you wanted them to be able to amend it if it was within that timeframe.

Both of the above limits work in conjunction with Care Plan Tracking, ensuring you the greatest chance of schedule adherence.

Simply head to Settings > Online Bookings to set your limits, or alternatively set an override on a patients individual care plan.

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April 10th 2024

We are excited to introduce our new visit number filter for Connect. This allows you to use this filter to create campaigns based on patients completed visit numbers, segmented by modality.

Example use cases for this could be

a) An onboarding sequence for the new patient experience

b) An onboarding sequence for patients who have converted to care

c) A recall campaign for patients who have had a ROF, but never followed up with booking their schedule.

Connect is no substitution for a full stack CRM system, however it does provide excellent support alongside one, or on its own for those that have much more simple requirements.

You can access this filter on the campaign creation/edit window within Connect

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February 29th 2024



We've just introduced a new feature that allows you to define what constitutes an appointment reschedule according to your own needs!

This update is designed to offer greater flexibility and better accuracy in appointment and reschedule reporting.

How to Access

Navigate to Settings -> General Settings -> Calendar to find the new rescheduling options.

Options Include:

  1. Reschedule based on date change: Identify an appointment as rescheduled only if it's moved to another day.

  2. Reschedule based on any time change: Consider an appointment rescheduled if there's any change in the appointment time, regardless of the day.

  3. Reschedule based on a particular time change:

    • More than 1-hour difference.

    • More than 2-hour difference.

  4. Reschedule based on location change: An appointment is marked as rescheduled if there's a change in the location.

  5. Reschedule based on practitioner change: Recognise an appointment as rescheduled if a different practitioner is assigned.

Why have we added this?

This update was implemented to allow users to have more control over how appointment reschedules are defined and reported within their account. By providing the ability to set custom parameters for what constitutes a rescheduled appointment, our goal is to ensure that your reporting is as accurate and reflective of your operations as possible. Whether minor time adjustments or changes in practitioner, you now have the flexibility to decide how these variations affect your overall performance metrics.

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February 19th 2024


For our latest release, we've introduced several key enhancements to the calendar user experience to make managing appointments more intuitive and efficient. This is a result of years of additions, resulting in settings and filters in different areas on the calendar, without intuitive reasons for what they do or mean.

Here's what's new:


  1. Revamped Settings and Filters Sidebar:

    • Moved to Left Sidebar: All settings and filters have been relocated to the left-hand sidebar. This change consolidates these tools into one easy-to-access location, streamlining the process of adjusting your calendar view and preferences.

    • Improved Usability: The list format of the settings and filters has been optimized for ease of use and understanding, allowing users to quickly find and adjust the settings they need without unnecessary complexity.

  2. Advanced Appointment Filtering:

    • Filter by Appointment Status: Users can now filter appointments by specific statuses. This feature provides a more granular control over which appointments are displayed on the calendar, making it easier to prioritize and manage and view appointments by status.

  3. Enhanced Datepicker Functionality:

    • Highlighting Dates for Patient Appointments: When hovering over a patient's name, the dates on the datepicker will now highlight patients future appointments, by appointment type colour, indicating the days they have appointments. This visual cue makes it easier to quickly identify when a particular patient is scheduled, enhancing the scheduling and rescheduling process.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to continually improve the user experience across PracticeHub. We believe these changes will help users be more efficient when using the calendar.

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February 14th 2024



We're excited to announce the launch of our new and improved product feedback and update portal! As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance your experience with PracticeHub, we've made significant changes to how you can provide feedback and stay updated on our latest developments by transitioning from Canny to Featurebase.

  • Why We Switched: To improve our product feedback management process and deliver enhancements more efficiently based on user input. The move to Featurebase is aimed at making it simpler for you to see what's new in PracticeHub and to contribute to our product's evolution.

  • Better Product, Quicker: Our goal is to leverage your feedback more effectively, ensuring that PracticeHub continues to meet and exceed your expectations.

New Features and Access Details

  • Private Feedback Board with Single Sign-On (SSO): The new portal is now a private board. With SSO integration, accessing the portal is seamless—there's no need to sign up for a new account. Simply log in to your PracticeHub account, and you'll be authenticated automatically.

  • Product Changelog: Stay in the loop with the latest updates by visiting our new changelog at Don't miss out on new features and improvements—subscribe to receive email notifications of the most recent updates.

  • Feedback Portal: Share your product feedback easily at Your insights are invaluable in shaping the future of PracticeHub.

  • Ongoing Migration: We're in the process of transferring existing product requests and feedback from the old system to Featurebase. Expect to see all previous submissions on the new board within the next few weeks.

We believe these changes will make it easier for you to contribute to PracticeHub's growth and stay informed about the enhancements we're making every day. Your feedback has always been a cornerstone of our development process, and with these updates, we're making it even easier to listen and respond to your needs.

Thank you for being a part of our journey to improve PracticeHub. We're excited to see your feedback on the new portal and continue working together to make PracticeHub the best it can be.

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February 10th 2024


We have released a completely overhauled integrations page, which now showcases the different services that we connect with, in a beautiful and simple to read format categorised by type (currently Marketing & Finance, with more on the way).

You can see at a glance which integrations you are connected to and easily resync data all from within the UI.

This can be accessed as per normal via the Settings -> Integrations section on your administration sidebar.

Keep an eye out for a handful of new integrations being added in the next couple of weeks.

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February 7th 2024


Patient App

Have you ever wanted to force patients that haven't been in for a while to book a certain type of appointment when they are booking themselves online?

Now you can directly in the patient app. Simply set the interval for between the patients last appointment, and the app will automatically force the patient to book the correct appointment type.

  • Patient App only - Currently this feature is only available via the patient app, and will be rolled out to our web based online booking platform when V2 is released.

  • Modality specific - You can set reactivation intervals on a per modality basis, which gives you full flexibility of the type of reactivation appointments patients are offered.

You can change these settings via Settings -> Practitioner Modalities. Each modality will allow you to set variable intervals, appt types and message override.

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