February 7th 2024


Patient App

Force specific appointment types based on when last seen - eg a Reactivation of a dormant patient

Have you ever wanted to force patients that haven't been in for a while to book a certain type of appointment when they are booking themselves online?

Now you can directly in the patient app. Simply set the interval for between the patients last appointment, and the app will automatically force the patient to book the correct appointment type.

  • Patient App only - Currently this feature is only available via the patient app, and will be rolled out to our web based online booking platform when V2 is released.

  • Modality specific - You can set reactivation intervals on a per modality basis, which gives you full flexibility of the type of reactivation appointments patients are offered.

You can change these settings via Settings -> Practitioner Modalities. Each modality will allow you to set variable intervals, appt types and message override.

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