February 19th 2024


Improved calendar UX for filters/settings & highlighting of patient appointments

For our latest release, we've introduced several key enhancements to the calendar user experience to make managing appointments more intuitive and efficient. This is a result of years of additions, resulting in settings and filters in different areas on the calendar, without intuitive reasons for what they do or mean.

Here's what's new:


  1. Revamped Settings and Filters Sidebar:

    • Moved to Left Sidebar: All settings and filters have been relocated to the left-hand sidebar. This change consolidates these tools into one easy-to-access location, streamlining the process of adjusting your calendar view and preferences.

    • Improved Usability: The list format of the settings and filters has been optimized for ease of use and understanding, allowing users to quickly find and adjust the settings they need without unnecessary complexity.

  2. Advanced Appointment Filtering:

    • Filter by Appointment Status: Users can now filter appointments by specific statuses. This feature provides a more granular control over which appointments are displayed on the calendar, making it easier to prioritize and manage and view appointments by status.

  3. Enhanced Datepicker Functionality:

    • Highlighting Dates for Patient Appointments: When hovering over a patient's name, the dates on the datepicker will now highlight patients future appointments, by appointment type colour, indicating the days they have appointments. This visual cue makes it easier to quickly identify when a particular patient is scheduled, enhancing the scheduling and rescheduling process.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to continually improve the user experience across PracticeHub. We believe these changes will help users be more efficient when using the calendar.

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