Streamline linking to other clinics

Hi, I wondered if it may be possible to create a link between clinics.

For instance if looking at the work week in calendar view I am working in different clinics on different days I could click on a link on a specific day and it would automatically switch clinics and also go to the day I have clicked on?

As you can see in the example photo below, I have just created a blank patient and called it the name of one of the clinics. I set the duration to the max 12 hours. If I clicked on one of the purple areas it could direct me straight to the clinic in question and to the specific date I clicked.

I think this would streamline the process of managing multiple clinics to be able to switch between clinics like this and would save time scrolling back through the calendar to find the specific week or day you’re looking for.

I hope this makes sense.

Many Thanks

Jo Kennedy

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In Review


πŸ’‘ Feature Request


About 2 months ago


Joanne Kennedy

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