See previous visits in the little calendar on the left

When you hove on a scheduled visit on the calendar now you can see the next visits this patient is going to have on the little calendar on the left. I would like to also have the previous ones this patient had booked (maybe with different colors for the ones that cancelled as red, and the ones that actually came in green?). It would be easier to know (without having to enter at the patient file) what did this patient and if she/he was supposed to come earlier.

Also, it would be nice to have this information in the pop up information that appears on the right/lower side of the mouse when you hove on that visit, because now it only appears the next visit, but not the last one. Thanks!

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In Review


💡 Feature Request


About 2 months ago


Ariadna Planas Martínez - Quiropràctica

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